Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Scroll of Seven Seals

The scroll of Rev 5 is a deed of redemption, and as such becomes effectively a will of inheritance. It is the legal document proving that a qualified Kinsman has paid the price to redeem the land once forfeited by His family. As each seal is broken, the deed of redemption reveals what must occur for the Kinsman-Redeemer to physically repossess the land, wresting it from enemy squatters, and returning it to those who were originally given dominion over it.


Malachiah said...

Blessed be he that is enthroned with the seven sealed document in hand. Blessed is he that can take it from his hand and open it. Such is practical fellowship in the revelation of the Presence of Jesus Christ.

Johns t on said...

indeed the scroll is a title deed on the LAND which God has promised to His People
once the seal is broken the title deed is open and claim back
...then 1948 Israel is back God is drawing back Jew back to Israel- Aliyah

a believer of Yeshuah from Antioch of Asia

محمد said...

Christ is coming.

xanthiecabrera said...
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